Developing Your On-Air Style

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The Secret to Developing Your On-Air Style

Top Broadcasting Executive Reveals Insider Insights To Being A Successful On Air Personality Instead Of Just Another Talk Show Host.

As a budding broadcasting or podcasting talent, you’re on your way to learning how to be a talk show host. You’ve bulked up on your topics, learned the technicalities of broadcasting, and may even be able handle callers, intros, outros, teasers and all the other skills needed to become a talk show host.

Now it’s just a matter of time until you become a big time, in-demand broadcaster, right?

Not so fast says Senior VP at Cumulus and Westwood One radio, Bruce Gilbert, who hires on-air talent for both networks. As Gilbert says, “Talk show hosts are a dime a dozen, but personalities are unique. The fame and the big bucks go to personalities.”

But how do you step-up to becoming a personality, as opposed to just another run-of-the-mill talk show host?

In this remarkable 20 minute instructional video, “Developing Your On-Air Style,” Gilbert explains how you too can achieve this goal. These invaluable insights were previously available only to the fortunate few who attended the seminar in which Gilbert made this presentation. But now, Broadcasters Mentoring Group, for the first time, is making them available to our wider audience.

Immediately upon downloading and viewing this instructional video, you can expect to learn:

  • The differences between hosts and personalities
  • Mastering the art of broadcasting vs. its science
  • The importance of having a “destination” in your presentation
  • How to paint an “aural picture” for your listeners
  • The importance of self-deprecation in building authenticity
  • How to use polarization in a likeable way
  • Ways to “push the envelope” without turning off your audience.
  • The importance of finding unique angles to stories
  • How to develop your radio personality over time
  • In addition, the video includes valuable PDF training material to help you develop key vocal traits, including pronunciation and inflection, which define a “personality.”

While the cost of NOT knowing these valuable insights from the perspective of a true industry icon can keep you stuck in the mud as a show host, the $47 investment into your professional development will enable you to take your show hosting talents to an altogether different level.

Included with the entire video comes all supplementary PDF training material, which can be immediately downloaded to your computer or other device.

To receive this unique program, and to do so with BMG’s long tradition of customer service and satisfaction included, simply click below for immediate delivery.

Developing Your On-Air Style

Regular price $49.00